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The Dixon Group has a long tradition of manufacturing in the USA using state of the art equipment and technology. The company incorporates lean manufacturing principles in our facilities to help drive continuous improvement for all processes. Attention to detail has allowed us to achieve Uncommon Manufacturing Excellence.

At The Dixon Group, we offer

exciting careers in the following areas:

Machining: Work with state-of-the-art equipment and automation in a process-oriented environment. Troubleshoot programming issues and make adjustments to help ensure we are producing high-quality parts. 

Assembly: Work with machined components and parts to create complete assemblies. Follows procedures and quality standards throughout assembly processes.

Material Handling: Transports parts and components throughout the facility to machining and assembly stations. Operates machinery to stage inventory and move products.

Quality: Supports manufacturing and engineering processes by ensuring all products are made to design specifications.  Performs initial and final inspections of materials and components. Conducts tests and assessments throughout the manufacturing process in order to uphold quality standards. 


Our teams are cross-trained to understand all aspects of the production process. All employees have the ability to participate in opportunities for improvement.

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